Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Emergency Blog Resuscitation

Hello from the depths of procrastination!

Life happens and blogs get forgotten. I am only human. Also over the course of the past 8 months, I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and currently look like I fly fighter jets when I sleep.

In fodmap news, I have discovered a few new, awesome products and suffered through disappointing pain while eating out. I haven't quite found a restaurant where I am guaranteed to be satiated without consequences, but hope lingers. I do, however, have some beers to discuss:

New Planet
Gluten Free Beer
Style: Off Grid Pale Ale

It's made with sorghum and brown rice, but it actually tastes like a decent pale ale. At $10 for 4 bottles, it's expensive but much better than Bards or Redbridge.

Gluten Free Beer
Style: Pale Ale

So Omission is made by Widmer Brothers, based in Oregon. What's neat about this beer is that it is made from barley, but they've developed an enzymatic process that removes the gluten from the beer after it's been brewed. So it tastes like beer because it's made like a real beer. For the curious consumer, Omission posts the results of the gluten content analysis from each batch. Find the date on the bottle, enter it on the website, and results appear. Neat! I bought a 6-pack for $9.