Tuesday, February 21, 2012


One of the cool things about my inability to eat normal things is the opportunity to expand my palate. Thus, I've found amaranth. So amaranth is another one of those cool "super-grains" but minus the hype of quinoa. Evidence: there is only one dispensary tube of amaranth at the local co-op food store I shop at, while there are at least 2 tubes for regular quinoa and a couple for flavored quinoa.

So why should you try amaranth?
  • High protein per serving (9g)
  • High fiber
  • Tastes/smells earthy, so it adds variety to your grains
  • Cheaper than quinoa

 Itty bitty seeds.

I needed something different for a breakfast meal because quinoa at all meals of the day wears on you. Before amaranth, I tried kasha, otherwise known as roasted buckwheat groats. Maybe it's the kind that they had at the co-op, but I could not stand the burnt taste. I haven't tried regular buckwheat yet since amaranth tastes pretty damn good.

Adding cinnamon, flax seeds, almonds, and some of the kasha = breakfast.

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