Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Rice Cooker, I Love You

Since tomorrow is about sharing love, I am dedicating this post to my most used kitchen appliance.

Let's be honest here. I can't and don't cook. I think this apathy toward creating food has come partly from my lack of enjoyment from eating (since it usually would lead to pain and misery) and my need for instant gratification. I do not want to spend an hour creating something that I will scarf down in 5 minutes. I'd rather be looking up cat videos.

Pre-FODMAP diet, I heavily relied on eating out as a backup plan. There is this awesome dining commons at my college that has a wonderful assortment of entrees and make-it-yourself food. If I forgot to pack a lunch, I usually went there to get a nice, filling meal. However, the FODMAP diet has forced me to make food to take with me or suffer the consequences of eating rice cakes. For some reason, 60 calories of blah just doesn't hit the spot. So I cook quinoa, rice, and amaranth in my rice cooker as my main meals every day. It's a great asset for those like me who don't cook but want something reliable to make quick meals.

I bought this rice cooker at Target for $15. It's a small one, meaning 2 cups of uncooked grain is about its limit before the water starts spilling over. But, I don't mind making things in multiple batches, and it's small enough to take on vacation. The non-stick pot is also great for easy clean up.

Rice cooker, please don't die on me like the last one did.

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